Here’s an economically unsound idea. Spend months and months writing a book that no one may want to publish.

Uh, yeah, let’s look for the economic winner plan. How ‘bout while I’m spending months and months writing a book no one may publish, I trickle off a little time to write a few articles about my funny experiences? All right, I mean humiliating experiences, but they’re funny to other people.

There appears to be a market for humor, and sheesh, I live in a comedy. It’s about time I started capitalizing on my parade of absurd events. After all, writing is expensive–workshops, dues for professional organizations, conferences, how-to-books, printer paper and ink, and so on. Sooner or later you have to recoup some of those expenses or resign yourself to having a really expensive hobby.

I’m shooting for job, not hobby. Articles it is.

The beauty part is I really like writing humor. If I can give people a good chuckle over something that happened to me, well, maybe they can giggle over their own predicaments too. We’ll call it laugh therapy and endeavor to make the whole world just a little bit happier.

Rats. I’d do that for free. I’m going to need another get rich quick scheme…

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