IMG_0119If you’ve seen my blog, you’ve probably noticed I like black and white photography. I like color photography too. And scenery and hiking. You’ll probably never want to hike with me though, because I keep stopping to take pictures. This photo is from Multnomah Falls in Oregon, but I didn’t take it. My friend Karen Ball did. She likes to stop for photos too. We left our husbands at home so they wouldn’t fall asleep under a tree somewhere, grow moss all over them, and be lost forever.

I have a Masters of Music in Theory and Composition. Go figure.

I’m a decent guitarist, but I can live without performing in public. In fact, I do live without it. Happily. Don’t call me to play for your gig, ‘cause I’m not comin’.

I believe you can tell a lot about people by the shoes they own. So I dug through all my footwear to see what I could tell about myself.

Yikes! Twelve pairs?? Mind you, the list included crusty gardening shoes, softballs cleats that I never wear anymore, and black heels that I also never wear but I keep because some unwritten law says every woman must own a pair of heels. (I should mention that one inch qualifies as a heel in Erin’s book of rational fashion.)

Still, twelve? Way too many. I do not need another pair. Even if I did, I hardly ever shop, so I’d probably never get around to buying them.

Young-023Men, before you start hunting for my phone number, let me assure you that I’m happily married.

Here’s a question for the ladies:
Would you rather receive a gift of a whole day in a spa, or tickets to a professional football game?

Erin’s Answer:
Park me on the fifty-yard line, baby. Da Bears!
(Men, I repeat, I’m happily married)

Other Miscellaneous Facts:

I’m cheap. Don’t like to spend money. Really. (Men, let’s not cover this again)

Three words about my clothes: Must. Have. Cotton.

Television programs I watch:
Da Bears!

Television programs I sometimes used to watch (but I don’t have time anymore, and I don’t even know if they’re still on the air):
Design Star, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance.
Why? First, they all involve talent I don’t have, but it’s nice to know someone does.
Second, they’re about dreamers pursuing dreams, and I’m a sap. I love to see talent validated. Someone who thinks maybe, just maybe, they have what it takes, and then Simon, Nigel, or Vern says, “Amazing.”
People, that’s cool TV.

I have naturally unruly hair.

I love to fish and have never fallen in the lake while fishing. Falling in the lake while not fishing is another story.

My hubby hates to fish, but he’s an excellent cook, so I’m okay with that.

Three more words about clothes:
Cotton. Is. Good.

I’m a fan of old musicals, but I’m not old. Well, not really old.

The Most Important Stuff:

I believe God is real, is way bigger than I am, and takes an active role in the management of the universe.

Very active.

Made it, runs it, knows everything that happens in every molecule of every galaxy across the entire span of space and time. That sort of thing.

I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior of my soul, and the Lord of my life.

Son of God, as in, not some weird angel, not simply a great moral teacher, but really, truly God incarnate.

Savior, as in my only chance to get to heaven because no one else but God could truly pay the price. Being a good person doesn’t cut the cookies.

Lord, as in, I do what He says. Not perfectly. Not always very well. But I make it my business to try.